Roasted Squash Soup with Almond Cream & Spiced Pumpkin Seeds from Candle Cafe

Scott and I are huge Candle Cafe fans. We never miss eating at any of their locations when we visit NYC, and after having spent an incredible thanksgiving at the restaurant two years ago when we were living in Manhattan, we could not wait to get our hands on Vegan Holiday Cooking from Cafe Cafe

If you’re looking for healthy vegan holiday recipes this book is going to blow your mind with the creative offerings. The book is broken up into the different holidays throughout the year so you can easily whip up something healthy and delicious for any festive occasion. Find recipes for Super Bowl, Lunar New Year, Valentine’s Day, Passover, Easter, Cinco De Mayo, 4th Of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve.

I am literally cooking my way through the book because every single thing I have ever tried at the restaurant and in the previous cookbooks has been extraordinary and full of complex flavors. So, I don’t want to miss a thing! So far I have made the roasted poblano guacamole, make your own chili bowl, miso-ginger braised tofu over bamboo rice pilaf, sake-lime sorbet with toasted coconut (wow!), sweet potato latkes with almond creme fraiche, flourless chocolate cake with macaroon crust (just heaven!), chickpea crepes with berries and vanilla-lavender cream, quinoa vegetable cakes, La Poblana sangria, tempeh fajitas, and the caramel flan! Everything has been phenomenal. 

For thanksgiving and christmas recipes we’ve made the roasted brussels sprouts with apples, cranberries, and maple-cayenne dressing, roasted cauliflower and fennel soup with truffle oil (ah-maaazing), the christmas pomegranate punch, and this roasted squash soup! Because I am posting the week of thanksgiving I had to share this soup because it’s super delicious and different from your traditional squash soup. You just need to be organized and soak the almonds the night before to make the almond cream. But, if you forget, you could always serve it without it. It’s still delicious! 

This smooth and creamy soup, garnished with rich almond cream and toasted pumpkin seeds, makes an elegant starter for a Thanksgiving feast. We recommend making batches of this nourishing soup all season long and keeping it on hand (it freezes beautifully) for cozy dinners that will warm your heart and soul. Note that the almonds must be soaked overnight.

Don’t be intimidated if some ingredients seem unfamiliar to you. There is a great resource section at the back which will help you find any new ingredients.

If you’re looking for spectacular holiday recipes do not miss getting a copy of this book. I just love it! 

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