Sarah Wilson’s Rooibos Chai from I Quit Sugar

I am having a blast in Australia, and absolutely everywhere I go I see Sarah Wilson and her I Quit Sugar book which has swept Oz and created a sensation. With Sarah’s help, thousands of Aussies are quitting refined sugar and enjoying a sweeter life. The book was released in the USA on April 8th and after Sarah’s appearance on the Today Show the book became a NY Times Bestseller, with Americans following in the footsteps of the Aussies embracing Sarah and her book. 

For those of you who don’t know Sarah Wilson, she is an Aussie journalist (the former editor of Cosmopolitan Australia), television host (she worked on Master Chef Australia, the highest-rated television show in Australian history) blogger (at, and a qualified Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. 

In January 2011, after struggling with an autoimmune disease and realizing she was addicted to sugar, Sarah stopped eating it at the advice of her nutritionist and it changed her life. What started as an experiment soon became a way of life. And Sarah shows you how she did it the fun and practical way in her I Quit Sugar book. This 8-week program that is broken up week-by-week (with a specific goal for each week) shows you how to make one simple, but very significant change each week - to lose weight; boost energy; and improve your looks, mood, and overall health, all accompanied with 108 super-easy, sugar-free recipes. 

Sarah also shares her tips for overcoming sugar cravings, using healthier sugar substitutes, deciphering misleading labels on processed foods, and staying away from sugar for good! I really liked the Big Sauce Swap on page 29 where Sarah shows you the healthier condiment choices. Sarah is a huge advocate of full-fat ingredients. As she explains, low-fat, and fat-free products contain a lot of sugar in an effort to replicate the taste of their full-fat counterparts. A low-fat yogurt can contain 15% sugar, whereas a natural yogurt typically contains only 4.7%. Similarly, balsamic vinegar contains 16% sugar, with apple cider vinegar containing less than 1% sugar. 

Sarah also shares recipes for pantry staples like mayo, ketchup, BBQ sauce, berry sauce, almond milk, nut butter, basic broths and purees. She also shares her favourite oils, natural sweeteners, spices and flavourings, sprouts, coconut products, superfoods, and other healthy nutrient-dense foods to sustain your body to reduce any dependence on sugar. Then, she uses these products in the recipes.

Some of my favourites include the: Pumpkin Pie Oatmeal, Coco-Nutty Granola, Cashewy Chia Pudding, Sweet Green Meal-in-a-Tumbler, Make-Me-Over Mojito Smoothie, Cooling Avocado Soup, Pea, Herb, and Almond Crush, Summery Quinoa Tabbouleh, Chickpea Bombs, Meal-In-A-Cracker, Avocado and Coconut Popsicles, Spirulina and Sesame Balls, Chocolate Coconut Nut Balls, and this Rooibos Chai I am sharing today. 

Sarah says of this chai, “This is a wonderfully nourishing version of the standard black tea chai. Rooibos is easy to find at most health-food shops and even at supermarkets. The spices used in this blend are perfect for curbing an afternoon sweet craving—the licorice provides a sweet kick while killing the blood-sugar craziness. You can also make this with regular black tea or dandelion root, if you prefer.” I say, “YUM!”

Check out the I Quit Sugar cookbook and see why everybody is ditching sugar with a smile on their face. 

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